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Things to Know!


Latimer Reservation is available to all youth-oriented, non-profit groups throughout the country.  Our target audience is Tennessee and the southeast.  If your organization seeks to provide your young people with an outdoor adventure, we invite you to take advantage of our wilderness facility, some age restrictions do apply, please refer to Programs/Activities.  We also have facilities available to accommodate public and private organizations that require a scheduled meeting site for conferences and retreats.

Who is eligible

to attend Latimer Reservation?

Eligible groups include, but are not limited to:

  • Boy Scout Troops

  • Venturing Crews

  • Girl Scout Troops

  • Church Groups

  • School Groups


Boy Scout units will receive priority in scheduling programs and facilities.


Health & Medical


Each participant must have a signed, completed Health Form and Parental Informed Consent and Hold Harmless Release Agreement. (Please print one for each participant from the pdf below) The Latimer Reservation Director and medical staff reserve the right to restrict or deny an individual who is not in good physical or mental health.  Minor first aid will be offered by the Latimer Reservation staff.   Injuries and illnesses requiring medical assistance is referred to the Highlands Medical Center in Sparta, 25 miles from camp. Emergencies are handled by the Van Buren Emergency Management Agency upon request from medical staff or Reservation Director.


General Store

The General Store at Latimer is where participants, leaders and visitors will find a wide variety of items for sale. These include souvenir T-shirts, hats, flashlights, patches, drinks, ice cream and snacks.. We also carry some toiletry items such as toothpaste, sun block, soap and shampoo.

How does a group reserve Latimer Reservation?

To inquire about costs and to make a reservation or ask questions about facilities and programs, please contact our director at 615-516-9751 or email


Coed Groups


At least one adult female and one adult male must accompany each coed group.  There are no gender restrictions for adult leadership at Latimer Reservation, but the two-deep leadership applies to all groups.  Male and female group leaders must and will have seperate sleeping facilities.  Married couples may share the same quarters if appropriate facilites are available.  Male and female youth participants will not share the same sleeping facility.  When staying in Tent City, no youth will stay in the tent of other adult other than his or her parent or guardian.


Restrooms / Showers

Restroom and shower facilites are located in each participants cabin as well as in the Percy Dempsey Base Camp.  These facilities provide for the privacy of youth male, youth female, adult male, and adult female in separate areas.


Food Service

All meals are provided by the Food Service Team of Latimer Reservation as a part of your participation fee.  We concentrate on giving you a well-balanced nutritutional menu. Our standard menu is available upon request. Substitutions for food allergies are made upon direct request of the Latimer Reservation Director.  We ask that food substitutions be requested only for medical or religious reasons.


Personal Equipment

Each participant must provide his/her own personal equipment to include:

  • Sleeping Bag or linens to fit twin beds

  • Pillow (optional)

  • Personal Kit, including toothbrush, toothpaste, soap / shampoo, wash cloth / towel and medication (upon arrival please notify medical personnel of medications being taken)

  • Clothes, jacket / sweatshirt, rain gear

  • Valuables should be left at home, Latimer Reservation is not responsible for lost or stolen items

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